MELT Method: Neck Decompress

MELT Method: Neck Decompress

Watch as MELT Method creator Sue Hitzmann demonstrates a quick neck decompress to relieve stuck stress and pain.

With her revolutionary MELT Method, Sue Hitzmann is making a healthier, pain-free body accessible to anyone with a few minutes to spare. Countless other programs focus on strengthening muscles or increasing flexibility, but MELT is the first to recognize the crucial role of the body’s connective tissue. Through a series of easy, precise techniques that use soft body rollers and small balls, this groundbreaking program quickly rehydrates connective tissue, which allows the body to release long-held tension. MELT also rebalances the nervous system and boosts the body’s natural healing and repair mechanisms. MELT addresses the underlying cause of most common aches, pains, and chronic symptoms—”stuck stress” caused by daily living.


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