QuSUN LED Ceiling light installation

QuSUN LED Ceiling light installation

Watch me as I replace my kitchen light with a QuSUN LED ceiling light.

Although the QuSUN ceiling lamp is sold as a 15W model, inside you’ll find an 18W LED strip and a 20W driver. On my watt meter it measures around 17 – 17.5 watts consumption.

It replaced two 11 watt fluorescent bulbs which would always flicker and take a long time to turn on. The LED ceiling light saves about 5 watts of power and puts out a little more light, as measure by the LUX meter.

The light has poor heat sinking, just the thick metal backing to the LED strip. So it pumps out a lot of heat. There’s also a high pitch sound from the driver, although you cannot really hear it when the cover is on. There’s also a slight delay when turning it on. Maybe 1/4 to 1/2 a second. Barely noticeable but if you compare it to better quality brands you will see the difference.

Considering other local brands like Firefly actually sell better quality ceiling lamps for cheaper (they have a 15 Watt model for around 700 peso), there’s really no good reason to buy QuSun.

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