Self Myofascial Release: Head and Neck

Self Myofascial Release: Head and Neck

Palpation Cues

Using your fingertips, explore the base of your skull. Feel the bony part of your skull and the softer, more malleable sea of neck muscle attachments.

Recall that a skilled bodyworker always matches effort with ease. Your intricate web of neck muscles will benefit most from the middle road approach, with pressure that is neither timid, nor aggressive. Find the middle ground where your pressure is balanced—not too light and not too intense. If this technique produces headache symptoms, experiment with the variations offered. If relief if not promoted, skip this technique and visit the foot release video for an indirect headache release.

Techniques Cues

Suboccipital Release: version 1
Lie face up and place the Double Track Roller across the lower aspect of your skull, also called the occiput. You may benefit from some additional height beneath the tool. Try folding a towel or the end of the yoga mat, and then placing the Double Track Roller on that. Once again, rotate your head to the right, and become aware of the muscles on the right side. Take two slow breaths. Return to center. Transition to the left side, and again take two slow breaths.

Draw the gaze inward by transitioning the eyes to close. Rest your eyes and your awareness towards the back of the skull, letting the brain receive the deep support of the roller. Meditate on resting the full weight of your head into the tool, as the tissues drape into and around it. Briefly shift your awareness to your shoulders, directing your breath into any residual holding in your shoulders. Slowly rotate your head to the right, focusing on the muscles on the right side. Pause and take two slow breaths. Return to center… refocus your awareness… and then transition to the left side. Take two slow breaths, and then return to center.

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