Wedding Video Etiquette for Guests

Wedding Video Etiquette for Guests

Finally, your big day is here. You have a ton of people coming to your wedding and you want everyone to have an amazing time. You spend thousands of dollars from flowers, venues, photography and wedding videography. The average cost of wedding videography can be anywhere from two thousand five hundred dollars and upwards depending on your wedding video package. I thought it would be helpful to go over a few points on wedding video etiquette for guests.

Pre ceremony shots can range from the bride getting hair and make up done, putting on her dress, and photography shots with her bridesmaids. At this time, capturing the groom putting on his tuxedo, and hanging with the groomsmen are the most common shots. Never have your guests tell an experienced wedding videographer how to set up a shot. An experienced wedding camera operator has gone to schools to learn composition, mechanics of the camera and lighting. Also, you never know what they are creating in their minds or the edit vision. Tell your guests to go with the flow and follow the director.

The ceremony is such a beautiful moment in the wedding day process. An experienced wedding videographer will have multiple cameras set up to get various angles of your most special moments. Nothing is worst than Uncle Bob with his iphone trying to push out the wedding camera operator so he can have his next Facebook video to post. This scenario happens way to often. A videographer has enough obstacles to get around the wedding photographers. Tell Uncle Bob the cinematic wedding video will be released in two weeks and to sit tight.

The jitters are over and you said I do. Finally, time to cut loose and dance the night away. During this part of the wedding day process, guests will be drinking rather heavy and having a great time. There’s always that one person that drinks a little too much. Be sure your intoxicated guests don’t attack the wedding videographer. The wedding videographer wants to make sure he gets everyone in the video. If one of your guests feels uncomfortable to be on video simply pull the videographer aside and let them know.

Follow these basic rules for wedding video etiquette and you’re sure to have an amazing wedding video. Let your guests know they will be on video, tell Uncle Bob to iPhone capture this beautiful day from a distance, and tell your Martin Scorsese of a guest to let the wedding videographer do his thing.

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